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Two for Tickling.

  Tara Red and Jenna Jay feel that they are ready to take on Mistress Kelly's tickling challenge. It's simple all they have to do is survive 20 minutes of non stop tickle torture. Rules are they have to be cuffed together, so that no one can escape. Tickling is allowed anywhere and the ladies must be in lingerie. Well its not long before Mistress is giving them severe tickling armpits, knee, thighs, legs, feet the list just goes on. Then suddenly the tables are turned as Jenna Jay suddenly joins Mistress in giving Tara some serious two on one tickle torture!!! Though Mistress up's the session and gives Tara boob smothering alongside other treat's as the session progresses.    


Time to Tickle!


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Sarah Kelly Vs Kandi Spitfire.

Tickling Fantasy Match.

  Sarah Kelly has decided to put her money where her mouth is and call out Kandi Spitfire for a tickling match. This match is 3 x 5 minute rounds. Starting with Armpit tickling, at the end of each the loser has to forefit an item of clothing as chosen bt the ringside team. Will both these ladies be able to retain there outfits, or are are they going to end up naked as the match progresses. Only way is to findout, is to ring the bell and let match commence.     

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Tickling Cuffs.

 Both Chloe Lovette and Catsuit Candie have been sent to Axa Jay to see how they handle being cuffed whilst being tickled. Thing is both Chloe and Candie seem to think this will just be a quick tickle then its all over. They have no idea that they are in for over 20mins of constant tickle torture with no parts of their body's not being tested for ticklishness. Enjoy as both ladies recieve some serious tickling whislt in some very hot lingerie. 


Tickling Cuffs Trailer.



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Tickled Pink.

 Mel-Job aka Electra has been bound to a chair by Venus in order to instigate tickle torture. Oh boy does she torture Mel-Job by tickling her everywhere. Mel-Job has chosen a body stocking for her session and openly squeals with delight as she is tickled all over. Venus makes sure that her breasts are exoposed and tickled. Though Mel-Job tries to escape by falling off the chair. This does phase Venus who tickles her even more. Features Armpit, Belly, Back, Bum, Breast, Foot, Rib, Neck tickling but to name a few.   





Tickled Pink Trailer.

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Tickled Out.

 Electra V Venus in a Tickled Out submission match:
Rules are simple, tickling counts anywhere, person with least submissions during the tickle match is the winner. Electra has opted for some lepoard skin lingerie, whilst Venus has opted for bra, panties and a pair of holdups. As soon as the match is under way both ladies go for broke with ther tickling technique's armpit, belly, knee, back, ribs. Everywhere get tickled, then its off with the bra's for topless titty tickling. Both of these ladies are extremely ticklish making for a tickletastic match.   

Tickled Out Trailer.


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