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Ministry Of Tickling
Lets Tickle
Tickle Torture *Updated*

Sarah's Submission.

 Super sexy fem dom Sarah Kellyxxx, has to pay a forfeit, foot tickling, Sarah is really ticklish around her toes. Though Sarah also has to wear handcuff's whilst in some seriously sexy lingerie, she even starts off wearing thigh high pvc boots. Also this is part of Sarah's submission, along with, if she starts giggling she loses her panties, and get's her pussy and thigh's licked, this in turn also is super ticklish to Sarah. Well the toes are worked over constantly as we look for a weakness in Sarah's tickling defense. Suddenly we find one, she's get's seriously ticklish if her toes are sucked and tickled. Well this is done along with toe and heel tickling until poor Sarah is crying in fits of tickling laughter in candcuffs on the bed. Then she has to pay and loses her panties!! Then her pussy and thigh's are tickled until she begs and cries, but what does she cry out???

Will Sarah Submit?

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Stop Fecking Ticklng Me!

 Superstar Chloe Lovette has joined Axa on set, for what she thinks is a lingerie shoot, but right from the start of the movie, you can tell she seems to think something is not right??? Thing is with Chloe, she not just ticklish, she hyper ticklish, so if you tickle her she goes into overdrive. Well as soon as the shoot start Axa sits on Chloe ties her hands with some stocking's and then goes to work on her, as the evil ler that she is. Chloe has no chance, armpits, feet, knee, belly are all tickled, Chloe squirms and screams out as Axa show's no remorse and just tickles everywhere. Then we move on to implements!! Yep toothbrushes come out and Chloe's toes and feet get tickled, then Axa stumbles across that fact Chloe loves having her feet tickled with a mouth!! so Axa does that as well. Well as the title says, at one point Chloe even shouts out 'Stop Fecking Tickling Me!!' Chloe even tries to bury herself in the bed?? in order to get away from the nonstop barrage of tickle torture.




Stop that fecking tickling!


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Kandi Spitfire's Tickle Torture.

  Oh no Kandi's gone and done it this time. Sarah-Kelly is looking for revenge after her tickle torture session. So it looks like Kandi is going to be put through her paces. Sarah-Kelly waste's no time in making Kandi Spitfire sub to her. Then the tickling commences Sarah, makes Kandi giigle, squirm and scream all over the room, nothing is spared feet, armpits legs, boobs, pussy everything is tickled. Can Kandi survive? 

Kandi in trouble!!


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Sarah Kelly's Tickle Torture.

 Legendary female Dom, Sarah Kellyxxx has been made to sub, she has been hancuffed and told she has to take tickle torture, otherwise she will never be released. Kandi Spitfire cannot wait to get her tickling hands on Sarah Kelly's gourgeous body. Watch as Sarah Kelly suffers armpit, body, rib, feet, neck and leg tickling will we actually get to see Sarah Kelly beg for mercy during her tickle torture? Or will Kandi turns the tables and give Sarah Kelly some sensual ticking!    


Sneak a peek!


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